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Schools and colleges

With the number of students that will use your school or college on any given day, we know how important it is to keep your school clean.


Illness can quickly have a devastating effect in premises that a large number of people use on a regular basis. Let us help you avoid this.

We already provide our cleaning services to state schools, fee-paying schools and special-needs schools, and we can do the same for you. Not only can we help to keep your school or college in good condition, but we can ensure that it also looks presentable for students, staff and parents alike.

Portray the right image, keep your school clean with our help.


Tell us how we can assist with the cleaning of your educational facility.

We are happy to give you a quote that will work to your budget.

We ensure that busy, high footfall areas are kept clean throughout the day. Classrooms, lecture halls and staff rooms can be cleaned so they are ready for when they are needed next.



We can offer you the regular cleaning service you need or one-off projects ahead of a special event. Available 365 days a year, so we'll be here when you need us during term time and holidays.

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